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Vergine Dragone
Numero di messaggi : 39
Compleanno : 24.08.00
Localit : Romania
Occupazione/Hobby : Drawing
Umore : Good
Data d'iscrizione : 04.10.16
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Sakura I really really need some help

il Mar Nov 22, 2016 3:10 am
Hey.I know this isn't the right place to post this topic...I'm Kati and i'm from Romania.I'm in 10th grade.My mother works in Caltanissetta,Sicilia so i live alone.She wants me to move with her but i can't speak italian.Well,i want to learn it because it's a very wonderful language.But...can i move?I don't know anyone and i'm afraid i can't keep step with so.Will they accept me at the highschool?Or they will get me back in 9th grade?Will they treat me bad because i'm romanian?Please help me,i'm really confused and scared.As i said,i promise i'll delete this topic,thank you very much sweethearts <3
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